What is Virtual Tour?

A Virtual Tour is the way to visit a distant location from the comfort of your space using a smart device(Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC).

What is Virtual Tour?

How does it Work?

We scan the complete space with high tech scanners and digitalise the final form giving you a shareable and embedded friendly link to use on your website, e-shop, digital media.


Our Proposals

A complete Virtual Tour Guide for Villas and Apartments and 360° views of all Facilities-Exteriors and Sea-Mountain Views.

The final products will be in the form of shareable and embedded friendly links that can be used on your website and digital media.

Its a fully immersive experience that can help your reservations and boost your overall marketing plan.

The Final Product

  • Virual Tour: Touch and go.
  • Doll House View: 3D interactive object Floor Plan View.
  • V-Tags: Virtual Tags with information and Media directions.
  • 4k resolution print ready photographs.
  • Monthly Analytics and Statistics of visits.

Immersive Virtual Tour

A ‘dollshouse’ version and floor plans of each property is created using the latest scanning and data capture technology. This is the ideal way for users to see an overview of the property.

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We always aim to please our clients.

The Project

The project is reference to the total of the m2 that were scanned INDOOR and are priced depending on the location and accessibility. All 360° views and photo material are included in the price by MSV Interactive Ad Ltd.

The Model

Each model can contain up to 960m2. We can link models together for an immersive experience of vast indoor spaces.

After Sale Service

Our representative will be happy to provide any additional information for the maximized usage of your models capabilities, providing monthly analytics year round support and hosting of your model.

We Include

For Each Project

  • 360° Interactive Views
  • 360° Interactive Views of Exterior views
  • 30 High resolution Print Ready Photos.(including Doll House View angles)
  • 10 Virtual-Tags with informational content. (Directional Buttons for any link, Social media, Booking, E-shop,information etc.)
  • Post Ready Interior Video Guided Tour
  • Floor Plans
  • Monthly Visit Analytics-Statistics.